About the product

About the product

PulmO2 10L Concentrator

A New Generation of Oxygen Concentrator Fit for Purpose Worldwide

  • Energy e ciency – saves up to 64 % energy required
  • Soft start up, solar power friendly
  • DC Compressor allowing a wide AC voltage range of 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Designed to operate & store in simultaneously hot, humid, and higher altitude environments
  • Multi-language labeling on product and QR codes for easy access to useful information
  • Easy to service with indicators for filter changing, cleaning, and maintenance

Energy Efficiency

The biggest lifetime cost for a traditional oxygen concentrator is energy.

Resilient And Robust

Critical components like the sieve beds and valves wear out faster with short periods of usage.

User Friendly

Designed for the first time with input from clinicians in healthcare settings

Developing the PulmO2

The story behind the development of the PulmO2 begins with a stark reality: more than 1 million deaths occur annually due to hypoxemia in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), deaths that could be prevented with access to medical oxygen. While significant strides were made during the COVID pandemic to increase access to oxygen in higher level facilities, there is much left to be done, especially for vulnerable patients in harder to reach areas.

Existing concentrators, primarily designed for the Global North, are ill-suited for more resource constrained settings that often have unreliable power, harsh environments, and staff shortages. Utilizing the existing oxygen concentrators in these facilities often resulted in complicated to use equipment that was often broken. Moreover, traditional donation and procurement systems rarely include ongoing maintenance and operational budgets, making it difficult to provide necessary training and support tailored to each facility’s unique needs.

The question was clear: How do we create a fit-for purpose easy to use device that precisely meets the needs of millions of patients in clinical settings?

Developing and commercializing any new product requires identifying the market need, defining product specifications, and building a business case. This is a complex ask even in well understood markets. Designing a product tailored for LMICs requires a deep understanding of opaque markets and use cases, which introduces even more complexity to the process.

In 2022, UNICEF released a Target Product Profile for a Fit for Purpose Oxygen Concentrator, spurring Drive DeVilbiss and Sanrai International to join forces in product development. With Drive DeVilbiss’s expertise in oxygen solutions and high-volume manufacturing, paired with Sanrai’s understanding of these underserved markets, the partnership was a natural fit.

Drive DeVilbiss’s mission is to lead the world with innovative healthcare solutions that enhance lives, while Sanrai is dedicated to making innovative medical technology accessible worldwide. Through our years of experience, we have learned invaluable lessons how to sustainably build resilient oxygen infrastructure. The PulmO2 is one piece of the puzzle that includes education, training, and maintenance in healthcare facilities, along with policy changes, clinical guidelines, and advocacy efforts to ensure all patients have access to the oxygen they need wherever they live.

Together, we invite you to join us on this mission to make oxygen accessible everywhere.

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